Guide To Super Mario’s Mushroom Kingdom


Guide To Super Mario’s Mushroom Kingdom


The Mushroom Kingdom has been represented in many different ways throughout Mario history, but Super Mario Bros 3 was the first time it was presented in so much detail. We take a look at the different worlds within Mushroom Kingdom.


World 1

World 1 eases the player in gently, the opening level featuring zero hazards and only a couple of fairly docile enemies, but the threats quickly escalate. Before the world is through you will have contended with slippery ice slopes toward oblivion, an assault from the pesky Boomerang Bros, and a madcap dash through an airship as cannonballs shoot at you from all directions.


World 2

World 2’s desert landscapes throw some truly unexpected enemies at you, including a teeny tiny Goomba that hides underneath blocks of sand. One level introduces the now-customary Boo enemy, a ghost that will stop pursuing you as long as you look it in the eye. And in another stage, you are even attacked by the sun itself.


World 3

The third world is almost entirely made up of water-based levels, always some of the trickiest stages in Mario games, especially when there is a giant fish leaping out of the depths in an attempt to swallow him whole. Thankfully, however, our hero has a new trick up his sleeve in the form of the Frog Suit, which grants him enhanced swimming and jumping abilities.


World 4

The initial stages of this world seem to be a return to the simplicity of World 1’s grassy plains, until you see the enemies, who are now several times bigger than ever before. Thankfully, however, lots of other things have grown in size, including the clouds, which are now big enough for Mario to safely jump onto.


World 5

While the first half of the fifth world takes place in familiar grassland territory, the second half sends Mario up into the air to explore the clouds. Being so high up, however, means only thing: lots and lots of bottomless pits to fall into.


World 6

World 6 is where things really start to get tough. Icy surfaces, spiked floors and multiple enemy types all crowded into the screen make it very easy for Mario to meet his demise if you don’t keep precise control over him at all times. Prepare to use a fair few continues in this world.


World 7

The penultimate world takes Mario back to his roots, with entire levels constructed from pipes. A double-edged sword: some pipes lead to beneficial secret areas while others simply house annoying enemies.


World 8

Anyone who used Warp Whistles to cheat their way to the final world soon found that their skills were nowhere near up to the challenge, as Bowser’s army attacks Mario with a mile-long caravan of gigantic tanks. This level, and the handful that followed, are some of the hardest in Mario’s history.


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